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The Queensferry Crossing Project

 Edinburgh Scotland UK

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Constructed in the Forth Estuary over Four and a half years, The Queensferry Crossing was one of the largest Civil Engineering projects undertaken in Scotland for a generation. I had the pleasure of filming the video progress for FCBC over the duration of the project, shooting general Monthly progress, time-lapse, and specialized engineering operations including AVN launch, deck lifting operations, interviews and drone footage with my colleague and co-operator from Whitehouse Studios using the 2 man operated DJI Inspire Drone.

Mobile time-lapse cameras were installed at various areas around the site as required, and the demands of filming a long term,  extreme engineering project in year-round weather conditions across the Forth was a major challenge.

My priority was video production, but below are a few stills I took while operating.

* Final aerial shot courtesy of Whitehouse Studios    www.whitehousestudios.co.uk